Before we start building


One of our experienced loft surveyors will arrange a short visit to your home to have a look at the available space, take some measurements and make some initial notes for our technical team.

The survey itself will only take around 30 minutes and the surveyor will be able to let you know which type of loft will best suit your property. On some occasions, he may be able to give you an approximate cost of your loft conversion.

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Loft Design

If you have not already instructed an architect to design your new loft, we can arrange one for you. He or she may also need to visit your home in order to take accurate measurements. This visit can take up to 1 hour, but normally it's less than 45 minutes.

Once your loft is designed, we will send you a copy of them and keep one on file. These designs will need to be submitted when applying to the local authority building control for planning permission.

Pre-construction Phase

Party Wall Agreement

We will provide you with a party wall agreement which must be signed by your neighbours. We are happy to meet with them if needs be

Building Control

You will require building control to approve the construction work. You can use the local authority or private companies. Building control will require a set of structural drawings and calculations before you start work.

Planning Permission

Some Lofts will require planning permission depending on the type of home you have or how much you have previously developed. We can apply for planning permission with your local authority on your behalf. The application will include measurements, architects drawings and proposed work. Please note, the application fee varies from one authority to another and these must be covered by you.

Permitted Developement

Permitted development is work you can do to your home without having to go through planning. Many homes will come under this process. You will still require a set of drawings and structural calculations.

Building your new loft


Week 1

Monday morning - bright and early, our team will be there.

  • - Scaffolding erected and a skip will be delivered
  • - Water tanks detached
  • - Steel beams delivered and fitted
  • - Reinforced floor joists fitted and secured

Week 2

By week 2, you'll already see a huge amount of progress

  • - The core shell of your loft will be erected
  • - Flat roof constructed
  • - Space for windows created
  • - First inspection by Building Control from the Local Authority

Week 3

Things are coming along nicely. You'll be very impressed

  • - Electrical installation
  • - Heating and plumbing installation
  • - Loft space constructed
  • - Fire proofed and insulated
  • - Partition walls (if required) constructed
Excel Lofts Ltd - Week 4

Week 4

Come up and have a look!

  • - First floor ceiling removed
  • - Windows fitted
  • - Custom staircase built and installed
  • - Second inspection by Building Control
  • - Plaster boarding throughout

Week 5

We're almost there!

  • - Render and plastering
  • - Carpentry, including skirting, doors and window frames
  • - Electrical switches installed

Week 6

Your new loft is ready for final decoration

  • - Shower room fitted
  • - Final plumbing and heating completed
  • - Final inspection by Building Control